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We are open and have taken steps for our Witham practice to be COVID-Secure. If you are anxious about visiting us please speak with our team who will be happy to discuss our new procedures.

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About our Emergency Dental Appointments...

A dental emergency is generally where you have either pain (e.g. Toothache), swelling, bleeding or difficulty in swallowing as a result of infection. Sometimes other discomforts experienced by patients, may be regarded as a dental emergency.

If you are suffering with severe tooth pain or have had an accident/injury causing dental trauma then we can help. We offer guaranteed same-day private appointments between 8:30am and 5:45pm Monday to Friday.

The most common issues we see include:

• Cracked or broken teeth
• Knocked out tooth
• Painful swelling
• Childrens knocked out tooth

Call one of our friendly, approachable dentists today who will do everything possible to ensure that you are pain-free after your same day private dental appointment. 

Our Glowing 5-Star Reviews

I literally can’t praise Kate and her team enough. They are amazing. I was an extremely nervous patient and have undergone a years worth of treatment as haven’t been to the dentist due to fear for last 12 years. I had implants and are so pleased with them. From the minute you walk through the doors the young girls on reception are so lovely and welcoming. Lindsay has been so helpful and has talk me through all the necessary work. Kate has finally alleviated my fear of the dentist so thank you. Kate has explained all procedures every step of the way and really made me feel at ease. She is amazing. I have even had root canal treatment today completely pain free. Well done to the whole team at Blake Dental you all do a brilliant job 👏👏

Google Review

I’ve just got home from having a front tooth extracted. The dentist asked me if I was anxious about anything, only the injection hurting, I’ve had some very bad experiences in the past. She numbed the area first, then gave me a number of injections that I didn’t feel!!

First class service from a very friendly practice, everything was explained to me at all times and they are going to ring me tomorrow to make sure I’m ok!! I have never had care like this in the past, well done Blake Dental.

Google Review

Kate and her team are incredible, she is so kind and gentle. She explains what she is doing the whole time, how the X-ray machine works, the equipment being used.Always trying to minimise fear and reassure you along the way. Stopping at any time if needed. The waiting room is cosy and all the staff are extremely friendly and polite. The clinic is immaculately clean.
I have recommended Kate and her team to everyone, my dad, mother in law, husband and even someone with visible tooth pain in a restaurant this evening.

Google Review

Phoned the practice this morning and by three o'clock this afternoon my tooth extraction was done. In my opinion this is the best and most professional dentist I have come across. The staff I so friendly thay maid the whole process very calming for me as I suffer from anxiety 💯recommend this dentist

Google Review

I can’t thank all the staff enough down at the practice! I went in as an emergency appointment and found out I had to have my wisdom tooth out! I couldn’t fault anyone down there! The ease they put me at and constantly made sure I was ok I didn’t even feel a thing …but thank you all so much for what you have done and making an easy experience.

Google Review

Best dentist I have ever visited!! Have received outstanding treatments every time I have visited and the receptionists are lovely! I was scared of the dentist before visiting this dentist! Would definitely recommend!

Google Review

Advice about Common Dental Problems

Tooth ache

Generally, if you have something going wrong with a tooth, it would give you pain. Painkillers are usually necessary and if you are able to take them, Ibuprofen is usually best provided you can take them after considering your medical history. If you are not able to take ibuprofen, Paracetamol is recommended but be careful not to exceed the maximum dose.


This generally indicates that there is an infection. In most occasions your dentist will prescribe antibiotics for you and ask you to attend for further treatment.

Fractured tooth or Lost a Filling

These are not always regarded as dental emergencies. Your dentist will need to assess if the tooth is restorable or whether it will require to be removed. If the tooth is painful, avoid hot and cold foods. If there is pain try to avoid eating or biting on that side. Painkillers can often help. An early appointment is usually necessary to avoid further damage to the tooth and possibly make the pain worse.

Lost Crown

Please keep the crown safe, so it can be re-cemented for you, but provided that the dentist is happy with the fit of the crown at the time of re-cementing. Remember, that the crown most probably came of in the first place,as it was losing its retentive properties. In some case, a new crown may be required to be done on the tooth, and the dentist will give you relevant advice. If the underlying tooth is painful avoid eating near it and drink tepid drinks only. In some cases, root canal treatment may be required before cementing a crown. Your dentist will need to assess the underlying tooth or root before a crown is re-cemented.

Trauma and Tooth Knocked-out

This is a dental emergency and the time of success of this tooth surviving is very much dependent on how soon the tooth is re-implanted. Go immediately to A&E of you local hospital or contact your dentist immediately. If your dentist is unable to see you, seek immediate help from the dentist nearest to you or contact the NHS helpline for advice. 
The tooth needs to be re-implanted as soon as possible. If you can, place the tooth back into the socket. DO NOT place the tooth in water. DO place it in some cold milk or on one side of your mouth between you teeth and cheeks until you can be seen either by us or a local hospital emergency dental department. Be careful not to swallow the tooth. Try not to handle the tooth root too much to protect the fibres around the root surface.

Broken my denture

Broken dentures can usually be repaired relatively easily. Please resist the temptation to glue them together your self as this often makes a repair very difficult and can introduce toxins into the soft tissues. Please call the practice to arrange for the repair. 

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